Project Management


Together, let's find the right solution for your idea!


You have a great idea but do not know how to bring it to life. You have already been involved in projects, which failed.


Projects which are not thoroughly thought and planned often fail, leading to frustration, loss of time and money!


Avoid such situations by getting the advices of a Project Manager from the very beginning!


Let's define the steps needed to reach your goal!


Idenfying and allocating the resources - human, technological, financial - needed for the project; defining the different stages and milestones are crucial for a project.


A project without resources is not viable.  No project should ever start without a project plan! 


Keep control over your planning and budget!


You have a defined project plan for your project. This is a great start. But this is not enough!


Keeping track of the progress of your project on a regular basis, identifying potential risks and taking appropriate measures to avoid or mitigate these risks is crucial.


Let me help you keep control of your project and take the right decision(s).

Starting at 60 €/hour excl. VAT